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Tshirts Microdosing New Tshirts "Microdosing"

Hard Drop Cafe

Hashashin - Hard Drop Cafe) Release May 31st, 2024

Geminorum II

V.A. - Geminorum II (comp. by Pollux) Release March 21st, 2024

Abandonned Spaceship EP

Pusher - Abandonned Spaceship EP Release Feb. 29th, 2024

Groove Hunter
Illegal Groove

Groove Hunter - Illegalm Groove Release Jan. 19th, 2024

Milky Way 2.0

V.A. - Milky Way 2.0 Release Dec. 1st, 2023

Cyber Pirates Gathering Vol 2

Cyber Pirates Gathering Vol 2 Release Oct. 6th, 2023


Billuminati - Timewarp Release May 18th, 2023

First Contact

V.A. - First Contact Release April 27th, 2023

Little Pumpkin

Little Pumpkin - Puzzle Release Mar. 23d, 2023


Sulima  - Cyberstation Release Feb. 9th, 2023

Be Happy

Shininjah  - Be Happy Release Dec. 24th, 2022

Noise Wares
Tales from the Trip

Noise Wares - Tales from the Trip Release Dec. 23d, 2022
Hashashin - Hard Drop Cafe
Hashashin - Hard Drop Cafe
Release May 31st, 2024
    Bandcamp World People Prod forerunner Hashashin is back to delight your amigdala with the ultimate groove overload. The new album "Hard Drop Cafe” is a bewitched cascade of spectral modulations, unrolling its powerful depth over the ruling flatness of the current times.
Hashashin’s cleverness peaks through these 9 tracks, establishing him as the premium sonic Arpitecht of World People Productions. Add immense value to your underground tune collection with “Hard Drop Cafe” - Certified and tested on the wildest dancefloors worldwide.
V.A. - Geminorum II (comp. by Pollux)
V.A. - Geminorum II (comp. by Pollux)
Release March 21st, 2024
Bandcamp Pollux returns like the shooting star of Geminorum II! Crossing our atmosphere, it releases 10 meteorites of exceptions like the rocky mass caught in the neighbourhoods of the constellation World People: Sulima, Pusher, 3P-Rate, Billuminati, Poca Hontas, as well as asteroids Symbionts in the constellation Gemini, accompanied by a few fragments of planets like Paradiddle & Gahabb, Dezzert, Vibrant & Corrupt Illusionist &Psycatrick, and more stardust Makolly & Rafyx that is falling on all dancefloors to blow them up.
Pusher - Abandonned Spaceship EP
Pusher - Abandonned Spaceship EP
Release Feb. 29th, 2024
Bandcamp World People proudly presents the sonic universe of Pusher, the emerging talent from Hungary, as he unveils his second EP!
Pusher's music embodies a unique blend of clean soundscapes, psychedelic melodies, and vibrant rhythms inspired by nightpsy and mysterious forest atmospheres. With each track, he injects fresh energy onto the dance floor, captivating listeners with his mesmerizing soundscapes.
Pusher's psychedelic journey commenced back in 2002, amidst the underground scene of Budapest. Over the years, he delved deeper into electronic music, honing his craft through self-taught methods.
Initially known for his Spiritcat project, Pusher later joined forces with Dj Gorgo to form Blastourist, exploring the realms of psychedelic sound and gracing stages from local parties to the iconic Ozora mainstage.
Then Pusher embarks on a new solo adventure, steering into uncharted waters within the World People Production fleet.
After a first EP released December 2, 2022 , Pusher is back with a second explosive new 3 track EP well nailed and just delivered for the beginning of spring to make the whole dancefloor and yourself vibe with it.
Join us as we sail into the depths of his musical journey!
Groove Hunter - Illegal Groove
Groove Hunter - Illegal Groove
Release Jan. 19th, 2024
Bandcamp Kicking '24 off with a new forestic pearl.
After 2 Ep, one EP in collabaration with Dissociactive and one recent album Ilay aka Grooves Hunter returns with new EP supercharged bolts of psychedelic goodness, in the form of 5 absolute bangers including collaboration track with Seb.
World People is proud to present Groove hunter's latest work so get ready to groove and move!
V.A. - Milky Way 2.0 Comp. by Little Pumpkin
V.A. - Milky Way 2.0 Comp. by Little Pumpkin
Release Dec. 1st, 2023
Hurry up psyfolks! The World People spaceship is all set to jet off for the second round trip through the Milky Way, compiled by Little Pumpkin.
Twelve high-quality pieces of underground psy delight featuring the frontline World People artists alongside illustrious alien guests such as Dezzert, Gaspard, Chimerical&Garden Of Eden Altered Stasis, Neutral Element,Hexagone
Once again, Little Pumpkin proves her expertise and skill set in the contemporary psytrance soundscapes, providing an exquisite selection of tunes as well as the result her own latest production.
Gill, aka Hyper Frequencies, began his musical career in the late '80s as bassist in the hard rock band Stalker. At the turn of the 90s, he discovered Techno and started mixing at the end of 1994. His talent behind the decks caught the attention of Mick Chaos, the emblematic founder of the British label Chaos Unlimited, who released his first mixtape. Since that promising start, Gill has enriched his discography with several notable releases, including 3 solo albums and numerous tracks featured on compilations. His notable collaborations include artists such as Jaia, Neuromotor and Irina Mikha... Read more
Born into the vibrations of electronic music, Xavier discovered his passion for psytrance at the Hadra festival in 2013. Enchanted by the hypnotic rhythms, he decided to dive headfirst into this sonic universe and created his project Kusmu in 2016.
With a keen sense of groove and an indomitable passion, he crafts powerful trance, with sharp rhythms that are undeniably dancefloor-oriented. His compositions oscillate between luminous, euphoric moments and darker, more mysterious instants, capturing the full range of emotions that psytrance can offer.
Quickly, his talent does not go unnoticed... Read more
Hashashin Chill
Hashashin Chill is a project created by Quentin Van Houtte around 2012, after years of shaking Psy and Techno lovers with his projects Hashashin and Air Cut. He began to explore an impressive range of mid and downtempo grooves in his home studio and quickly started to spread chill vibes in and outside of the borders. On any kind of event, from the smallest to the biggest, in countries like France, Portugal, Croatia, Ibiza, Mexico, Guatemala, Goa, Italy, Netherlands and Hungary among others.
From dub to chillout electronics, including world music, lounge and trip-hop, Hashashin's music invites... Read more