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Digital Shaman

V.A. Tortuga Secrets
3d Edition

V.A. Tortuga Secrets 3d Edition Release June 6th, 2022

Groove Hunter

Groove Hunter - Timeless Release April 29th, 2022

Frequency Hacker

WoodWarden - Frequency Hacker Release Mar. 19th, 2022

V.A. - Geminorum

V.A. - Geminorum Release Feb. 2d, 2022

WISHI - Fussion

WISHI - Fussion Release Dec. 31st, 2021

OXYACA - Wishing Machine

OXYACA - Wishing Machine Release Nov. 25th, 2021

DESIRED REACTION - The Incoherence

DESIRED REACTION - The Incoherence Release July 10th, 2021

GLYPH - Cerebral Machines

GLYPH - Cerebral Machines Release Mai 15th, 2021

V.A. - Macrodosing

V.A. - Macrodosing Release Mar. 26th, 2021

V.A. - Poker of Aces 2.0

V.A. - Poker of Aces 2.0 Release Feb. 10th, 2021

Lost Signal

DISSOCIATIVE & GROOVE HUNTER - Lost Signal Release Nov. 25th, 2020
V.A. Tortuga Secrets 3d Edition / Comp. by Edell
WoodWarden - Frequency Hacker
Release June 6th, 2022
The high-octane night time tunes of the Tortuga Secrets Saga were never meant to be extinguished any time.
Their pulsating energy resonates in the newest V.A. by World People Productions, wisely collated by DJ Edell once again displaying his fine taste and burning passion for the real underground psy flow.
12 stompers produced by the creamiest World People Acts. such as 3P-Rate, Noise Wares, Glyph and Groove Hunter as well as some shiny treasures of the noise creators out there, such as Mergel, Apocalypse TV, Zigoor and many more.
Put your hands on Tortuga Secrets vol. 3, before another DJ gets your dancefloor used to these gems !
Groove Hunter - Timeless
WoodWarden - Frequency Hacker
Release April 29th, 19, 2022
The debut full album by Groove Hunter is finally ready to see the light!
Our experienced Russian pirate of the groove had been sharpening his skills and tricks for this album since when the Groove Hunter project was created.
This 10-track sonic craftwork consists in 7 solo tracks and 3 joint ventures with Egova (Banyan rec), Peyotes (Sangoma rec) and Molecular Structures.
Dive into the deepness of Groove Hunter's throbbing rhythms and oscillating modulations are bound to leave the trace in next the season of underground trancefloors.
A gloomy shiny auditory gem not to be missed!
WoodWarden - Frequency Hacker
WoodWarden - Frequency Hacker
Release Mar. 19th, 2022
His Majesty of the Woods is back!
Wood Warden hacks the World People frequencies once again with a brand new solo album for the joy of his underground sonic flare.
Specialized in computer hacking, our prime pirate pushes the possibilities of latest technologies breaking the limits of software and hardware
“Frequency Hacker” develops in 9 ascending tracks, both solo works and jammed tunes with neural friends Radikal Mooodz, Omja and Synthetik Chaos.
Stomping basses and drilling noises for some real spicy trancefloor grooving. Check it out!
V.A. - Geminorum / Comp. by Pollux
V.A. - Geminorum / Comp. by Pollux
Release Feb. 2d, 2022
Once again World People Productions serves a new V.A. compilation for the new year: "Geminorum" compiled by DJ Pollux.
Our label's ultimate bundle of underground psytrance grooves features the creamiest tunes both from our artist roster together with excellent rising stars and well praised artists on the scene such as Krypton, Aum Shanti, Shenanigan and Spirit Shifter.
Are you looking for some proper psy dancefloor stompers? Your research is over for today! Add to "Geminorum" to your collection and let the beats take over your system.
Crazy about Psytrance and Tribal world music, Shininjah mixes his influences into a personal psychedelic universe. His sound creations take you into a fascinating world where melodies and the Didgeridoo's vibration combine to the energetic rythm of the Groovebox ... Read more
Passionate Dj since the age of 20, 1995-96, my learning was self-taught, except for the basics learned by a friend passionate about sounds and night club dj, but the love of vinyl and mixing is made since the age of 14 years. And at the age of 20, first equipment and parties with friends, mixed in many styles (techno, tech house, trance, psytrance, Hip hop (for the technique)) and a lot of drum and base until 2016 when I went back to psytrance for a few parties, including one with international guests, and since 2020, I wanted to revise my sounds and my sets in relation to my travels and so I ... Read more
Estrela Vega
Estrela Vega came to spread the Art, the knowledge of love, the aggregation, the Light and a greater understanding about the search for self-knowledge, which brings an awakening to each one who gives enchantment.... Read more