Next World People artistes gigs :
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Burning Slippers et Own Spirit
Jonck Ros
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Merkaba Crew
20.05.2018 PSYCOTICUM
Deep Thought Productions et I.B.W. Munich

Hashashin - Smoking Skills

V.A. - Poker Of Aces EP Release : Jan. 27th, 2018

Sagoam - After the Storm

V.A. - Poker Of Aces EP Release : Nov. 17th, 2017

CyberPirates Gathering - Comp. by Elia N.e.S & Toto WP

V.A. - Poker Of Aces EP Release : Aug. 17th, 2017

V.A. Tropical Blast - Comp. by Mavzi

V.A. - Poker Of Aces EP Release : July 4th, 2017

Poker Of Aces EP

V.A. - Poker Of Aces EP Release : June 2d, 2017

Synchronicity - Rum Diary EP

Synchronicity - Rum Diary EP Release : May 18th, 2017

Noj Nor - Oysturized

Noj Nor - Oysturized Release : May 23d, 2017
7 Chakras Festival
We are happy to start this new year 2018, that we wish you good health, psychedelic music, and positive energy. We announce that this year we will be official partner of the 2018 edition of the 7 Chakras festival to be held from August 30th to September 3rd in Italy.
We will not be doing a festival this year in July to focus on this new venture so we count on you to follow the World People vibe and some of our artists to Tuscany.
☠️The World People Crew☠️

After Movie Event

To be part of the 7 Chakras Festival adventure, join Believe Lab !

WISHI - Integration
NEW RELEASE on WORLD PEOPLE PROD. / Release April 4th, 2018
With the passage of time, we understand that every thing is connected or integrated. To give perspective to this unforeseen phenomena, Wishi(Alexander Shillets) is back with another full length album - “Integration” and make life better for us.
Without any doubt, this album has the right ingredients of dance floor spices and also includes collaboration tracks with
Ajja, Skyhigh Pirates, Assioma, Mole, Jumstreet and which are positively dancefloor bombs in its truest sense.
Get ready for this new World People adventure and let’s get INTEGRATED
SAGOAM - After the Storm
NEW RELEASE on WORLD PEOPLE PROD. / Release March 7th, 2018
Your Ego is our own spiritual limit and in all probabilities it only leads to destruction. Need to let go of your EGO? Here Comes Wood Warden, the French Pirate Duo – Nemz and Bram who are all set to sail with their latest EP – “EGO Killer”. 
Crunchy Grooves and Wicked Basslines have been carefully designed to Kill your EGO and make you move!! Get ready for the WOOD WARDEN Experience.
Corrupt Illusionist
Corrupt Illusionist is the brain child of MOHIT JAIN, a Delhi based musician who has been at the forefront of both rock & psychedelic trance music scene for over a decade. His style of spinning on the decks can be clearly defined as “corrupt and twisted”. He has been responsible for dance floor stomp massacres across various venues in the country. ... Read more
Alexis Aka Hydra
Alexis De la Cruz aka Hydra is a energetic DJ set of Twiligth that combines and develops its mixes in fast-paced, crushing and dark rhythms ranging from 146 to 150 BPM! Coming from the Trance network team house and now signed with the French label World People prod, will show us why it is an excellent option to polish on the dance floors... Read more