V.A. Tortuga Secrets 3d Edition / Comp. by Edell
Release June 6th, 2022

The high-octane night time tunes of the Tortuga Secrets Saga were never meant to be extinguished any time.
Their pulsating energy resonates in the newest V.A. by World People Productions, wisely collated by DJ Edell once again displaying his fine taste and burning passion for the real underground psy flow.
12 stompers produced by the creamiest World People Acts. such as 3P-Rate, Noise Wares, Glyph and Groove Hunter as well as some shiny treasures of the noise creators out there, such as Mergel, Apocalypse TV, Zigoor and many more.
Put your hands on Tortuga Secrets vol. 3, before another DJ gets your dancefloor used to these gems !
Mastering by ODN Mastering
Artwork by Edi Reifman (Edell Designs)